Carbon Equivalent Meter Cup (Thermal Analysis Cup) for Casting Industry Analysis

Item No.: 02
•International standard specification.
•Japan-imported couple wire.
•High accuracy, rapid reaction, reliability, stability, smooth cooling curve and good reproductivity.
•Sold to Japan, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Taiwan etc.
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Thermal Analysis cup composition

1. Resin bonded sand

- Sand (SiO2 > 94% and Silt content < 0.3%)
- Thermoplastic phenol resin 6-10% of sand
- Urotropine (resin hardener) 10-15% of resin
2. Tellurium grains
3. Silica coating
4. K- type thermocouple tube
Well-graded and clean sand, thermoplastic phenol resin and Urotropine (resin hardener) are dry mixed at the temperature of 500 degree Celsius to produce “resin bonded sand”. This resin bonded sand is shot into the pre-heated mold with having the K-type thermocouple tube inside. At the temperature of 250 degree Celsius, the cup is formed by the resin bond. This cup is coated inside with silica for being thermal insulation and then filled in the cup with 15 gram of Tellurium. By means of drying this coated cup at the temperature of 80 degree Celsius for 4 hours, the carbon cup is ready for the casting control.
The expendable carbon cup (thermal analysis cup) is for determining the Carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % Silicon in molten iron by using the principle of thermal analysis. The advantages of this carbon cup are as follows:
1. With Tellurium grain, the complete white iron solidification can be met
2. Fast thermocouple response
3. Precisely measuring the temperature of melting iron sample
4. Provide uniform cooling curve
5. High accuracy of the content of Carbon and Silicon
6. Improve the casting process control
Standard Packing
100 pieces a carton
Carton Size (cm)
Gross Weight (kg)

SPG-cup for Stove-front Molten Iron Quality Management Meter
same like carbon cup, but without tellurium coating inside. test the molten iron nodularity (rate of spheroidization) for stove-front molten iron quality management meter.
Square Carbon Cup for CE-Meter (Carbon and Silicon Analyzer)
The square expendable carbon cup is for determining the Carbon equivalent, % Carbon and % Silicon in molten iron by using the principle of thermal analysis.
Carbon Cup Holder (Front Part) to Connect cup and CE-Meter
Carbon Cup Holder (front part) is the connector between carbon cup and CE-Meter, is CE-Meter accessory.
Carbon Cup Holder (Full Part) to Connect Carbon Cup and Carbon Analyzer
the holder of carbon cup, connect carbon cup and CE-Meter.