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Ceramic Foam Filter

Silicon Carbide (Sic) Ceramic Foam Filter - Iron Filter for Casting Industry
Ceramic foam filter is been made by specific procedures and have peculiar bone-frame holes just like the shape of foam (Called three-dimensional connected channel) and myriad eyelets which only been found in big times microscope.
Alumina Ceramic Foam Filter for Molten Aluminum Filtration in Aluminum Casting Industry
alumina ceramic foam filter use good portiforium foam and high purity ceramic as raw material, can removes non-metal solid mixture from molten aluminium and aluminium alloy fusant effectively in your aluminium casting industry.
Zirconia Ceramic Foam Filter to Remove Impurities from Molten Steel in Steel Casting Industry
Zirconia ceramic foam filter can endear the demand of steel technology and get rid of residue and materials which been left behind after the model is been eroded.
Block Set for Aluminum Casting Industry
Block set is a round cap made with high temperature resistance fiberglass. it block the stove and mould mouth to avoid molten aluminum overflow in the aluminum casting industry.
working temperature is about 1200 Degree Celsius
the size is changeable ac